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We cater for different types of private parties.

  1. Millionaires parties
  2. Birthdays
  3. Corporate office party
  4. Bespoke Invite only parties
  5. Launch parties

We can help you create a small intimate party at your home for a group of friends or the biggest party of the year catering for over 1000 people.

Ideas: We are full of ideas to make sure you have a memorable party. Let our team give you ideas and themes and then deliver our services for your occasion.

Smaller Occasions: From an intimate party at your home to an area in a bar or club we can make your intimate party that bit more special.

Big Bashes: Our team will take the big task of planning your big event and make sure every detail is looked after. From budget, decorations, services and entertainment.

Club & Venue Party: We can arrange for you to have you party at a club or area in a club. We will make sure you have the best experience with partners

Party at home: We can turn your home into a party if you want! A room, a garage or a garden can become a venue for one day for your party! 

Something different: We want to encourage people to try something different now and then! Experience something you have never tried.. "ANP team helped me to do a casino party in my house and all my friends had the best time ever"

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